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Our Client Centric DNA is backed by our team’s delivery track record. Indicative projects on how we’ve helped our clients with their product development initiatives.

Asset Management Application


  • California based startup performing biometric verification using Android devices and peripherals.
  • Enterprise clients have deployed hundreds of devices which
    needs device management.
  • Client has to provide control access, provide software updates, track usage, provide analytics etc.






  • Device reading from external card readers.
  • Implementation of fingerprint matching algorithms.
  • Interaction with the license manager module in cloud for new features and access to premium features.
  • React.js web application frontend. Deployed on AWS Cloud. MongoDB for live raw data and Aurora for analytics information. Node.js APIs to interact and schedule communication with devices.




  • Client admins has access to the solution across devices without location restrictions.
  • Ease of license management and distribution, faster time to onboard, resulting in better customer satisfaction.







Dashboard Application Case Study


  • A product development firm providing fleet tracking and analytics solution.
  • The application serves as a platform for vehicle monitoring and control system for managing a fleet of vehicles.
  • It also enables the centralized collection, storage, processing, and visualization of diverse telemetry data.








  • Developed a dashboard to monitor the telemetry data from vehicles.
  •  Monitoring real-time and historical events/alerts, such as speed limit exceeded, driver behavior and more.
  • Tracking and mapping unlimited number of vehicles in a large area from several geographically distributed control center.
  • Real-time alerts on any violations by drivers.
  • Solution developed using Django and Python platform APIs and micro-services leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud




  • Real-time availability of data in a single dashboard helps take preventive measures.
  • Reduction in fatal accidents.










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